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Little Athletics NSW has a very strict uniform policy that our members are required to follow.

Correct club uniform must be worn on competition nights, Gala Days, Zone, Regional and State Championships.

Any combination of the club bike shorts, running shorts, crop tops and singlets can be worn.


Crop tops: $20
Bike pants: $20
Singlets: $20
Shorts: $20

Some second hand uniforms are available for $10 each.

Patches must be displayed as follows:

“Registration number patch” on the middle front of your crop top/singlet. Please note it is a requirement of Little Athletics NSW that the red outline on your age patch MUST be visible (which can make for some challenging sewing on the smaller size crop tops).

“Age group patch” on the front left hand side of your singlet. If you are wearing a crop top your age patch goes on the front, bottom, left leg of bike shorts.

Look at the photos in your LAs handbook for help.

Shoes are compulsory and must not be removed.

Spikes are allowed in the U11 to U17 age groups for events run entirely in lanes (i.e. no pack start races) and in long jump, triple jump and high jump. Spikes must be removed on the completion of each event (and not worn between events).

Sunscreen, hats and a water bottle are considered compulsory items at all competition nights and Gala Days.