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Gunnedah Little Athletics is a totally voluntary organisation. We cannot operate without the assistance of parents each week in fulfilling the many & varied duties required. These include officiating at an event; managing an age group; recording results; working in the canteen; to name just a few.

Following is the athlete sign on, parent / guardian responsibilities & volunteering duties policy that was implemented last season. Please ensure you read through the policy before registering your child.


Gunnedah Little Athletics (GLA)

Policies & Procedures


Athlete sign on, parent / guardian responsibilities & volunteering duties



GLA cannot run competition / training nights without volunteers. Whilst volunteering has been made compulsory in prior years, there are still many volunteers that fail to turn up & complete their volunteer duties. In order to keep GLA club operational, it has become necessary to take a tougher approach to ensuring that all volunteers nominate & fulfil their duties.

If you are not willing to adhere to the following policy, you should not register your children with GLA.

NO REFUNDS of registration fees will be issued if you are unable to complete your volunteer duties.

Points to note:

  • Each volunteer will undertake a mixture of duties over the duration of the season as allocated by the volunteer officer.
  • There will be a separate document outlining the detailed requirements under each duty.
  • The number of times you will be required to volunteer will be dependent on the number of registrations received.
  • Once complete, the volunteers roster will be emailed to volunteers. The roster will be available 2 weeks in advance.
  • In the case of cancellation of a competition / training night, the volunteers that were rostered on for that night will be required to complete their duty later in the season as required.
  • If a volunteer is unable to complete their duties, they are to find a replacement volunteer
  • All volunteers will be listed on the roster, with those not on a duty listed as standby & the order of these will change & the first in line will be first called upon for replacements.
  • Volunteer phone numbers will be listed on the roster so that volunteers can make their own replacements. If you do not want your phone number listed, tick the relevant box on the volunteers roster acknowledgement.



  • Parents / guardians must:
    • Be provided with a copy of this policy & procedure document.
    • Acknowledge receipt & acceptance of the terms of the document by signing volunteers roster acknowledgement – failure to do so will mean that the athlete cannot register with GLA.
    • Provide an email address & mobile phone number for the volunteer officer to contact them on to remind them of their upcoming duties. Mobile phone numbers will be published on the roster to enable volunteers to organise their own swaps if required.
    • Advise the volunteers officer if they require training / guidance in order to complete their volunteer duties.
    • Review the draft season volunteer roster once published & advise the volunteer’s officer of any known absences.



  • Volunteers officer will email the weekly roster to all families
  • Volunteers rostered on are to reply to the email & either:
    • Confirm they will be in attendance
    • Advise that they have arranged an alternative volunteer for that week & advise name & contact details of that volunteer



  • All athletes are required to have a parent / guardian in attendance at competition & training nights for the entire time
  • Upon arriving at the oval, the parent / guardian is to enter the oval & deliver their child to  the age group leader & sign them in
  • Failure to sign in the athlete will mean that the athlete will not be able to participate in the activities & will be required to remain at the registration desk until the parent / guardian returns to collect that athlete
  • At the completion of the competition / training night the parent / guardian must again make contact with the age group leader or assistant & sign the sign out sheet
  • Volunteers must sign in with the Volunteers Officer (near canteen), confirm their duties for the evening & obtain a safety vest.
  • Failure of the parent / guardian to complete their rostered volunteer duty or find a replacement will mean that the volunteer will be rostered on to another night to replace the volunteer that puts their hand up to fill in
  • Volunteers that put their hand up to fill in for missing volunteers will be able to forego a future volunteering duty night
  • Failure to complete a second volunteer duty will mean that the athlete will be unable to compete in zone & regional carnivals & will be ineligible for end of season awards
  • On competition & training nights only volunteers & committee members will be allowed on the oval.
  • Volunteers & committee members will be required to wear fluorescent vests
  • Competition will  not commence until all volunteers are signed on